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Experienced California Bankruptcy Attorney

Helping people get a fresh start for 30+ years

It is a sad fact that many people face bankruptcy. Although there are those who view this as a financial death sentence it doesn’t have to be one. Why would you want to face something this monumental alone?  My name is Peter B. Bunting, and I have been a bankruptcy attorney in California for more than 32 years. From my office in Fresno, I successfully represent clients throughout Fresno and nearby counties with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.

Congress has designated this Attorney’s Office as a Debt Relief Agency.

My goal is to get people who have run into financial hardships back on their feet. Other people might try to tell you that you will lose it all if you declare bankruptcy, but that is simply not true. I use my extensive knowledge of the law and genuine dedication to my clients to make sure that they can keep as much as possible (and often everything) so they can successfully move on with their lives. Anyone who comes to my office for help with a bankruptcy case will get the benefit of:

  • Consult with An Experienced Attorney — You tell me your financial situation, answer some questions, and I will explain what legal alternatives are available to you. I will not waste your time.  When you leave my office, you will know more than you knew when you entered.  In fact, most people leave with a clear path on how to resolve their financial problems.
  • A focus on bankruptcy law — The only area that I practice in is bankruptcy law. This means that my focus is undisturbed by other cases, which enables me to keep up to date with changes and developments within the law. This benefits your case and ensures that you are getting the most out of my service.
  • Honest counsel — Remember, when you come to me for help with your bankruptcy case, I work for you. I will give you an open, honest assessment of your situation and will work to the best of my abilities to get closure for you.
  • Recovery after bankruptcy —- The advice I give goes well beyond the review of bankruptcy options, preparation of bankruptcy documents and representing clients in court.  I willingly take time to explain to clients how to quickly re-establish good credit after bankruptcy. Most of my clients can obtain a FICO credit score in the mid seven hundreds a year and a half after the bankruptcy is complete.  There is never a fee for this advice.

My practice is debtor representation in bankruptcy

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If you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the Central Valley, call my office at 559-226-4030 to schedule a free consultation. My office is conveniently located in Fresno at the Oro Financial Building on the Northwest corner of Shaw and Van Ness.  I am available for Saturday appointments.